Top 4 Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Growing a beard to your liking can often times become a battle. Fighting against stubborn hairs, patchy growth, beard dandruff, and more can seem like a struggle that never ends. If you’ve ever grown a beard before, you probably know that struggle all too well. That’s why Better Bearded decided to create the perfect product for growing, maintaining, and styling a beard.


Our Beard Oil is made from high-quality all natural ingredients and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer unique Beard Oil fragrances like Sandalwood and Ocean Breeze to keep your beard smelling fresh and looking amazing. If you’ve purchased beard oil products before, you’ve probably noticed that they come in expensive and tiny 1 fl oz containers. Our Beard Oil provides both quality and quantity. No one does beard care better! There are tons of benefits associated with using Beard Oil. Here are the Top 4:


1. Stops Itchy & Dry Skin


You find yourself a few weeks into growing your beard. Your face feels drier than a desert. You seek relief by regularly itching your beard. Dry skin or beardruff constantly contaminates your clothing. This is often the breaking point for many wannabe beard growers. They cave in and shave their beloved beard to get rid of the itchy and dry skin. With Beard Oil, you can avoid itchy & dry skin and see your beard growth through to the finish line. Beard Oil like Better Bearded’s Peppermint Beard Oil can help to prevent those dreaded symptoms like dry & irritated skin by moisturizing and conditioning your beard and the skin beneath it.


2. Achieve Supreme Style


If you are growing a beard, you likely have noticed that it can be very tough to tame. Beard hairs seemingly grow in all directions. Achieving the style that you want might seem impossible. By incorporating Beard Oil into your daily routine, you can make those stubborn hairs softer, suppler, and more stylish. Beware – many Beard Oils contain harsh chemicals like Parabens that can end up doing more harm than good. That’s why purchasing your Beard Oil from Better Bearded is always great choice. All of our products are made using natural ingredients that moisturize your beard and help you achieve the style you’ve always wanted.


3. Prevents Patchiness


Have you ever tried to grow a beard and noticed that a part of your face is a no-grow zone? Bald spots in a beard can be frustrating and discouraging. The last thing a man wants is a patchy beard. Genetics certainly play a part in beard patchiness, but some of the other main factors include acne, beardruff, and dry skin. Hair follicles simply don’t grow well if the skin is irritated and unhealthy. Products like Better Bearded’s Pine Forest Beard Oil can promote hair growth and help you get past any patchiness in your beard.


4. Provides a Natural Cologne


Smelling great is another benefit of using Beard Oil, because it acts as a natural cologne. That way, you can step out of the house knowing that your beard looks and smells fantastic. The fragrances provided by Better Bearded’s products come from essential oils and can really help to boost your confidence with the ladies.

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  • I would love yall to make some apperal options shirts and hats would be awesome

    Seth Sladcik

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