The 6 Keys to Grooming Your Beard

Proper beard grooming can be the difference between looking like a stud muffin and looking like you might be homeless. Beard grooming is both an art and a science. With our help, you can cultivate a beard that even your mom would be proud of. Our main goal at Better Bearded is to provide you with the information and products such as Beard Oil and Beard Balm that will take your beard to the next level. Let’s take a look below at the 6 keys to grooming your beard.


1. Patience is a Virtue


A great beard doesn’t grow overnight. It takes patience and time to achieve the beard of your dreams. If you find yourself constantly trimming and styling in hopes that your beard will grow faster, you could be doing yourself a major disservice. The best thing to do is to allow your beard to grow untouched for around 4 to 6 weeks. That way, all of the hairs in your beard have time to grow in evenly. After that initial time frame, you can style and trim your beard into a true masterpiece.


2. Keep Face Shape in Mind


Every beard is its own unique animal. Taming a beard and growing it into the style that you want requires looking in the mirror and thinking about the shape of your face. The thing is, everyone’s face has a unique shape, so it’s very important to keep that in mind when you are envisioning the beard you want. Choosing a beard style that suits the shape of your face is essential.


3. A Clean Beard is a Happy Beard


You might be under the impression that while you are growing your beard you need to simply let it grow. However, it’s still very important to wash your face regularly and maintain proper skincare techniques while it’s growing out. Itchiness is a common occurrence while growing and maintaining a beard. In order to keep things comfy, you should try to wash your beard a few times each week with a cleanser like the Brown Sugar and Fig Handmade Soap  from Better Bearded. After a wash, be sure to pat your beard dry, as any hardcore drying with a towel can lead to a frizzy beard and irritated skin.


4. Beard Oil for the Win


If you’ve ever grown a beard before, you might have experienced a few uncomfortable side effects. An itchy face and beard dandruff, or beardruff, are common challenges that every beard lover faces at some point. However, there is one incredible product that can help alleviate any discomfort and support healthy beard growth. Better Bearded’s Beard Oil is carefully crafted with 100% natural ingredients and helps you to nourish and hydrate your beard. Our unique and manly scents will tame even the wildest of beards and keep your beard looking and smelling great. Beard Oil is the perfect product for helping you with beard maintenance, styling, and preventing beard related skin issues like beardruff.


5. Train Your Beard to Behave


If you avoid shaving for the previously suggested 4-6 weeks, you can rest assured that you will have some form of a beard. The problem is, often times beards don’t behave. That means your beard will grow out the way that it wants. Training your beard is the best way to keep your beard in line. Regular trimming helps, but a daily rubdown with a comb or beard brush can make all the difference in the world. You can train any stubborn hairs to grow in a downward direction so that your beard will always look great.

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